The Future of Youth Football

Hundreds of the nations top teams compete for the Youth National Football Championship played at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

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Why Was This Event Created?


Youth football teams deserve a credible national championship event from a professional organization and the support from football icons, in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and its extended family.

Every day the debate rages on which teams are the best from across the country despite top teams rarely playing each other in real game competition.

Youth football deserves a world class character development program authored by the very best football to help young boys become great men. 

Divisional Breakdown

The All-Star Division features hundreds of teams made up of top athletes from that region that represent three age groups – 6th grade, 7th grade & 8th grade.   A state director organizes the teams from each region and hosts a try-out. Up to 30 players are allowed per team.

The League Team Division is made up of teams that play together throughout the regular season and stay together to compete in the post-season. Each team must demonstrate that they have the same roster from the start of the season.

The age groups for the Team Divisions are 7U, 8U, Mighty Mite, 10U, Junior Pee Wee, 12U, Pee Wee, and 8th Grade. 

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