Could you even imagine a 42 hour bus ride? Most of us dread a two hour flight. That’s how long it took the Monterrey Football Team from Mexico to get to Canton, OH for their #CallToTheHall to participate in the 14U Gold National Football Youth Championship.

Better Late Than Never.

“We were 5 minutes late to the game, but we came ready,” Said Enrique, head coach of the Monterrey Mexican Football Team. Just days before the Monterrey Football Team was supposed to head to the most prestigious place on earth, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, they learned that their travel arrangements were never made. However, instead of giving up on their #CallToTheHall dream, they made a back up plan, and decided to take a 42 hour bus ride and showcase just how dedicated they were to participate in the first ever National Football Youth Championship.

Playing on White Stuff.

What’s the secret recipe to playing football in the snow? “Playing with heart and just doing what you know how to do”, says, coach Enrique. Incase you’re wondering, it doesn’t snow in Monterrey, Mexico, this “white stuff” is new to these athletes. Nonetheless, their knowledge of the game and their ability to play had their Mayslanding opponent on their heels all night. A close game heading into the final two minutes had the Monterrey Mexican Football Team a head 13-6, but not for too long as Mayslanding tied the game up 13-13 on the final seconds to force the first ever Over-Time (OT) in the National Football Youth Championships.

Heading into OT, each team possessed the ball at least once with 4 downs to score. Winning the coin toss and receiving the ball first was Mayslanding, but only to fumble on the second play and allow Monterrey the chance to advance. Proving to be a top contender in the nation amongst the top U14 teams was the Mayslanding Lakers defense, shutting down the Monterrey offense on four straight plays to force double OT.


Getting the ball first, the Monterrey Mexico Football Team, now in hour 45 from their journey from Monterrey, Mexico straight to the Hall of Fame complex from the bus, took full advantage of the tiring Mayslanding Lakers defense. They somehow gathered enough energy to keep their scrambling quarterback on his feet, pushing the entire Mayslanding defensive unit with their quarterback submerged in the middle, 5 yards into the end zone for the go ahead touchdown.

Four plays later, the Monterrey Mexico Football team was celebrating the only way to celebrate in the snow, by making some snow angels!

Defying the Odds.

The Monterrey Mexican Football Team showed the entire world what it takes to defy the odds when your back is against the wall. Turning a horrific situation into a true story of inspiration. The team takes on the Ceres Seahawks at 11AM today.

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