Over the past few months, the Pro Football Hall of Fame scouts have invited teams across the country to attend the Regional Tournaments for the World Youth Championships. Today, Regional Director, Jonathan Ghent and General Manager, Rich McGuinness recognized several outstanding New York teams at the Henrietta Recreation Center. Over 400 people were in attendance to support the 14 teams. The remaining regional tournaments are going to start November 29th and continue through December 2nd.


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East Rochester-Gananda Bombers

The 11U East Rochester-Gananda Bombers finished their season with a 7-0-1 record. The team is made up of players from the ER Bombers and the Ganada Panthers Youth Football League. The team scored 228 points while only allowing their opponents to score 58 points. Head Coach, Herman Parsons is ready to take his team to Canton, Ohio for a chance to compete against the best in the Mideast.

Geneva Panthers 9U

The 9U Geneva Panthers dominated their league this season with a 7-1 record. The team has a combined record of 15-1 over the past two seasons. Coach Travis Tolbert will be bringing the Panthers to compete in Ohio later this week.

Holly Hawks JV

The Holly Hawks JV team is a powerhouse team with an outstanding 11-1 record. While dominating their league, the Hawks won the NOFA championship for the first time in 14 years. The team scored 404 points while only allowing their opponents 128 points. Head Coach, Clarance Moyer is ready to bring his 11-12 year olds to compete for the a regional championship.

Jordan Elbridge Eagles 11U

Jordan Elbridge Eagles 11U from Syracuse are excited for the Canton Regional Tournament. After early season injuries, the Eagles overcame and finished the second half of season with a 3-1 record. The team ended their season with a 4-4 record, but with a healthy team they are looking to prove themselves.

Newark Reds 14U

The 14U Newark Reds are making the journey to Canton, Ohio after an undefeated season. The program has a 22-1 overall record for the past 3 years and have scored 252 points while not allowing their opponents to score on them. This hard-working team is lead by Head Coach, Brad Steve.

Northeast Bulldogs Mighty Mite

The Northeast Bulldogs Mighty Mite team is a defensive powerhouse program. The team maintained an 11-0 record while becoming Pop Warner City Champions. Head Coach, Jimmie Session and the Bulldogs have only allowed their opponents to score 6 points all season.

Ogden Bears 11U Black

Many players from the 11U squad are familiar with getting “The Call” since last year the team punched their ticket to the national championship game. Unfortunately,  on a miraculous diving catch with less than a minute to play the Bears were defeated. That experience has motivated the Bears to come back better and stronger. While averaging 30 points per game, the team ended the season with a 10-1 record and won their third league championship. The 11U Bears are attending the Valley Forge Regional Tournament.

Ogden Bears 9U Black

The 9U Bears ended their season with a 8-2 record. The team is back to get a piece of the action after playing in the Mighty Mite division last year. The Bears are a well balanced team with over 10 players scoring throughout the season and they outscored their opponents 226- 25.

Ogden Bears 9U Orange

The Ogden Bears 9U Orange are officially attending the Northeast Regional Tournament in Sparta, NJ. The Bears started off the season slow, with a 6-4 record, but fought their way back to finish strong. The team took home their league championships after defeating the No. 1 seed Niagara Falls Hurricanes.

Penfield Patriots JV

The Penfield Patriots JV team are always willing to be challenged. The team finished with a 4-5 record after playing in an older division with larger opponents. Head Coach, Paul Johnson and his team are looking forward to being matched up against teams their own age and size at the Canton Regional Tournament.

Penn Yan Mustangs 9U

The Penn Yan Mustangs 9U are heading to the Canton Regional Tournament. The team finished the season with a 4-4 record but could easily have been 6-2. Head Coach, Stevie D’Amico not only teaches football to his players, but teaches them to value others.

Rochester Rams Pee Wee

The Rochester Rams are one of the premier youth football organizations in Upstate New York. After making it all the way to the championship game in Canton last year, the Rams are seeking revenge. PeeWee Head Coaches, Terry McLemore and Kevin Parker are confident their squad will fulfill their organization’s mission and be “Rams Ready!” The team finished the season with a 10-2 record.

Southwest Colts Mighty Mite

The Southwest Colts are attending the regional tournament in Valley Forge, PA. Coach Walker and his team finished the season with a 6-3 record and made it to the Pop Warner regional round for the first time. The team came up short, but they are back and ready to compete again.

Wayne Eagles Mighty Mite

The Wayne Eagles Mighty Mite team will finished the season with a 3-3-1 record. The Eagles and Head Coach, Dave St. Denny should not be underestimated as they head to the Ohio tournament.

Wayne Eagles Pee Wee

The Wayne Eagles PeeWee team have the drive and determination to beat any opponents. The team brought together many players who are new to the game. Head Coach, Zach Reutz and his team are looking to battle against opponents at the Canton Regional Tournament.

Western NY Bills Mighty Mite

Head Coach, Ronnie Ogden and his Mighty Mite team finished 5-2 this season. Before returning to the Western NY League this year, they were apart of the Pop Warner’s Mid-America Conference for seven years. During that time, the Bills only loss was in the championship game to the Ginn Elite Mighty Mites. The Bills have moved on and have their sights set on the Canton Regional Tournament.

Western NY Bills Jr. Pee Wee

Head Coach, Rod Newkirk and his team are 7-0-1 as they wrap up regular season. The team was so close to an undefeated season this year but are looking to prove themselves in Ohio. The team stresses the importance of perfection and believe that proper preparation prevents poor performance.

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