Haylee is third from the right (#12)

Haylee Green first began playing football in the street with her friends and neighbors. In August, her mother decided to sign up for tackle football in the Rochester Rams Organization. This season 11 year old, Haylee played Guard for the Rams PeeWee Team. Out of 100+ children league-wide, Haylee is the only girl.

“Sometimes my opponents doubt me, until I show them that I can play this game too” Haylee said.

For many of her teammates, this is their first experience playing with a girl on their team and she is leaving her mark.

Shayla Fitts, team mom, knows Haylee works just as hard as her other teammates and described her a tough.

“She doesn’t let anything defeat her, she competes with those kids,” Fitts said. “She doesn’t cry when we say it’s time to run a lap… it’s time to bear crawl. There is not backlash about it, she sticks with the best of the best.”

Haylee believes that as it is for her, youth football is for everyone.

“You can do anything you want, it doesn’t matter if you’re a girl. Go out there and try to live your dream.” she says.

The Rams competed in the World Youth Championship tournament in Canton, Ohio. The team remained undefeated and earned their spot in the championship game. After a hard fought battle, the Rams came out victorious against the Methuen Rangers.