Canton Is Calling, Are You Ready?

Hundreds of the nations top teams compete for the World Youth Football Championship played at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Team Classification

The age groups for the League Team Divisions are 7U, 8U, 9U, Mighty Mite, 10U, 11U Junior Pee Wee, 12U, Pee Wee, 8th Grade and JV.

Tournament parameters:

  • No player over 14 or above 8th grade as determined by our grade/age matrix
  • League, travel, all-star must have different uniform
  • All rules subject to final interpretation and amendments by National Director only


  • Plays during the season
  • Tryouts
  • Original roster has no boundaries
  • Age & Grade based as defined by our age appropriate for grade matrix
  • Roster developed preseason
  • Can play in/out of state during season
  • No weight restriction
  • Capability of recruit players


  • Try out
  • Regional
  • Team whose roster has no boundaries
  • Is grade based
  • Roster is developed after the season
  • No weight restriction

League Team:

  • Season team in a qualified league
  • Gets together for the sake of playing a season under a qualified league or middle school
  • Pre-season roster for the duration of league season
  • Must play 75% of season games in state
  • Weighted/Unweighted
  • Notarized roster from league official


Why Was This Event Created?


Youth football teams deserve a credible world championship event from a professional organization.



Every day the debate rages on which teams are the best from across the world despite top teams rarely playing each other in real game competition.


Youth football deserves a world class character development program authored by the very best football to help young boys become great men.


Event Leadership

Richard McGuinness, World Youth Football Championship Architect & former creator of the U.S. Army All-American Bowl (NBC).

Ray Farmer, Director of Scouting & former General Manager of the Cleveland Brown, Duke graduate & NFL athlete.

Marc Boldurian, National Director of World Youth Championship, Independent League Partnerships, Legendary Coach and Champion of youth football & National scout for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Academy.